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Alexandre "Lex" Melotti

Hi there! I’m Lex and I’m a game developer with experience in game design and project management. My background is on Computer Science where I recently became a MSc in Computer Science.

I started on the industry as a programmer in 2009 on a startup company in Itajubá – Minas Gerais. There I rapidly became the lead programmer in many projects and took various responsibilities. Those include research for new technologies, game designs, project documentations and, of course, a lot of programming.

As the company grew, so did my responsibilities and experiences. In 2011 I was promoted to R&D Department Manager, and became responsible for the whole development process. During the next 3 years I helped the company publish 6 games on platforms like iOS, Android, Kongregate and OUYA. Among my responsibilities were all the game design and documentation for the projects, choices on technologies, project management and believe it or not, still a lot of programming.

In 2013 I was dismissed due to a company crisis and started working on my Master’s Degree. Trying to focus on game development related stuff, I had my dissertation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, using genetic algorithms to generate high quality Procedural Content for games. During this period I also kept in touch with the game industry, reading a lot of articles, books about game design, and taking online courses in the field. I also did some freelancer jobs, developing games for local companies. I obtained my Master’s at the end of 2016.

In 2017 I got hired by INSANE as a Game Developer, where I currently work implementing game systems and features for the Profane MMORPG.

What I do

Game Design

I have experience developing games since 2009 with various titles released in different platforms. I'm constantly reading and studying something in the topics of game design to understand the concepts and what drives interest from players. I also play a lot of games and try to experiment on all genres.


With a strong background in Computer Science, programming is one of my strongest skills. And one of my favorites too. Programming helps me keep my mind in check, always finding new problems and thinking about solutions for them. The ability to solve problems is a useful skill for anything in life.


Due to my experiences as manager and in the academic field I became very good with documentation. The ability to put reports and ideas in a piece of paper is very important to align everyone with the same mindset. This is a very important step in game design and is often neglected by inexperienced developers.


As a former manager, not only have I received training on team and project management but also had hands-on experience with it. I'm very good in identifying problems, working on solutions for them and making it happen. I'm also very good dealing with people and leadership is one of my strongest suits.




Game Developer @INSANE

- Working on the development of the Profane MMORPG, developing game systems and features.


Scholarship Student @UNIFEI

- I developed a technique that uses Artificial Intelligence to procedurally generate dissimilar and high quality dungeon maps for a roguelike game.


Freelancer @B2ML

- Responsible for game concept, game design and the whole development process of a proof of concept game that aids Paralympic athletes with their training.


R&D Dept. Manager @Keeplay Game Studios

- Responsible for the whole development process, including programming, game designs and game ideas for the the company as well as team and project management.


Lead Programmer and Game Designer @Keeplay Game Studios

- Programmer and newcomer's instructor in the R&D Department.

- Helped with game design, project documentation and team management.



Master of Science in Computer Science @UNIFEI

Dissertation on Procedural Content Generation through Niche Search.


Bachelor of Computer Science @UNIFEI

Conclusion Project on Game Design Techniques.


  • Game Concept and Prototyping
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Game Development
  • Technical Documentation and Reports
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Agile Software Development
  • Senior Unity Developer
  • Software Engineering

Complementary Education


Game Design and Development Specialization @Coursera


Game Design: Art and Concepts Specialization @Coursera


Understanding Video Games @Coursera


Songwriting @Coursera


Developing Your Musicianship @Coursera


Gamification @Coursera


Project Management @INCIT


Team Development @Sebrae MG


Team Development @Fecomércio MG

Extra Activities


Speaker @Pandô Apps

Taught a mini-course on Unity basics.


Jammer @Global Game Jam 2017

Participated and submitted the game Brainwave for the Global Game Jam 2017.



Speaker @Info Jr.

Taught a mini-course on Unity basics for students at the São Paulo State University (UNESP).


Speaker @WeWeb Conf

Talk about Facebook Game Development.


Speaker @CACOMP

Taught a mini-course on Unity basics for students at the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI ).


Speaker @FEPI

Talk about Game Development with Unity.


Speaker @FEPI

Talk about Game Development: Engines and Tips.


Best Game @Slick Game contest

Winner of the Slick2D Game contest with the game Crush.



Fluent - Mothertongue.


Fluent - Reading, conversation and writing.

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