Game Description

Create super fun signs in Pictomachine!

Develop your math skills from set operations while creating fun and funny signs to share and laugh with your friends.

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Project Background

A client hired us to develop two games for kids in elementary school, this one and #PartiuPizza. We designed those games to help kids learn basic math skills such as percentages, set operations and spacial reasoning. In Pictomachine players must use set operations and shapes to design street signs. The closest they get to the right image, the best its final score. Apart from choosing the right shapes and operations, players also have to aim precisely when the cannon shoots.

We developed those games from the ground up using our multi-platform framework, always focusing on our clients needs. Unfortunately, despite being an excellent product with great aesthetics, the client decided to hold the release and they were never launched.

Project Info

Name: Pictomachine
Developer: Keeplay Game Studios
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: Cancelled
Development: around 3 months
Team Size: 6~8 people
Platform: iOS and Android

My Role: Budgeting, customer relationship management, game concept, game design, level design, production, programming, team and project management and quality assurance.