Buggy Farm


Game Description

Buggy Farm is an arcade game where you have to smash bugs with your fingers. The corn farm is being attacked by bugs. A lot of them! Use your fingers to smash those bugs and cut some spider webs. But take care not to touch that bee!

Project Background

Buggy Farm was Keeplay’s second indie production along with Penguins’ Revenge. At this point we had already launched ZomBinLaden on both iOS and Android platforms. We have then decided to go for two more indie productions. And we decided to develop them with two separate teams.

During these projects I had to manage two teams. We didn’t have a framework to help us integrate plugins and differences between platforms. So this was a tough. I was taking care of game design and development process on both games, thus I didn’t contribute much with the programming apart from plugins integration.

Buggy Farm was released on iOS and Android in March 2012.

Project Info

Name: Buggy Farm
Developer: Keeplay Game Studios
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: Mar 2012 on iOS and Android
Development: 4 Months
Team Size: 6~8 people
Platform: iOS (unavailable) and Android

My Role: Game concept, game design, production, programming, team and project management, quality assurance and release process.