Like a Ninja

Game Description

Gamification app developed for the “Stamp Book” dynamic used among the students of the Business Administration course at Universidade Federal de Itajubá. In Like a Ninja, every student becomes a entrepreneur ninja and have compete with each other in order to become the very best. Students can also customize their appearance as they evolve and complete tasks designed by their professors.

Description from Appstore

Project Background

Like a Ninja is a gamification app to attend to students of the Business Administration course at UNIFEI . The focus for this app is to make a gamification of the “Stamp Book”, a dynamic used among the students in the course. The gamification helps students engage with the subject and, as a result, increase their score. We also designed the app to aid professors and administrators so they can easily publish scores and new challenges for their students.

It was our first mobile application that required shared data between users. Thus being developed in Unity with communication through PHP.

We released the app on iOS in September 2013. However, only the students and admins of the course have access to it.

Project Info

Name: Like a Ninja
Developer: Keeplay Game Studios
Genre: Gamification
Release Date: Sep 2013
Development: 2 Months
Team Size: 7~11 people
Platform: iOS (Available only for Students at UNIFEI)

My Role: Budgeting, customer relationship management, game concept, gamification, production, programming, team and project management and quality assurance.