Hello World!

Hello world! I’m Lex, a game developer and designer who dreams of making games that matter.

I’d like to welcome you all to my game dev blog. In this blog area of my portfolio I’ll be posting things related to my game development experiences in general. Things from design ideas and game reviews to programming tutorials and marketing experiences. Well… at least this is my plan. Maybe I can keep it updated with a post every month or so. Who knows? Life tends to get in the way sometimes.

This whole portfolio is something I had been postponing for a while. I really didn’t think I’d need a portfolio aside from a LinkedIn account, my standard CV in PDF, and some links from the Google Play Store. I didn’t realize those are not really good as a portfolio and how generic they are. If you truly want to show off your experiences, a personalized portfolio is the way to go.

Anyway, the blog here is yet another way to showcase my experiences. Not only that, if everything goes according to my plan, it can also help people who are new to the game industry. It could even help to connect people who love developing games like me.

As I don’t want to turn my Hello World post into a big wall of text, I’ll just finish it here. I don’t have a subscribers mailing list yet, but I promise I’ll look into it soon enough. You could still subscribe to my RSS feed if you like. That’s working fine.


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